Apex for Stress Urinary Incontinence

by InControl Medical

Millions of women live with bladder leakage that occurs when laughing, coughing or exercising and wear pads to avoid embarrassment. This kind of leakage is known as stress urinary incontinence and often occurs when the muscles and tissues that help support the bladder become weak.

Treatments are easy to complete, comfortable and very effective for regaining strength. This at-home treatment option for female stress urinary incontinence has helped thousands of women. Stop bladder leakage naturally by restoring your pelvic floor with Apex!

InControl Gel allows for muscle stimulation to be delivered effectively. InControl Gel must be used with all InControl products and should not be substituted, as this specific gel was used in the development and testing of the products. InControl Gel is salt-free and bacteriostatic.

Apex allows you to treat your bladder leakage in the comfort and privacy of your home, using gentle muscle stimulation to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles providing:

  • Bladder control when you laugh, cough or sneeze
  • Improved vaginal strength
  • Confidence to exercise without leakage


  • Customizable, Inflatable Probe
  • 10 Levels of Muscle Stimulation
  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone (Latex Free)
  • Made in the USA
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy Cleaning

Kit Includes:

  • One tube of InControl Medical Electrode Gel
  • Travel bag
  • 4 AAA Alkaline Batteries


  • Probe Dimensions: 5.5inches x 1.2inches x 1.5inches
  • Apex is a personal use device and is not returnable/refundable once the shrink wrap has been removed.