Vios PRO Aerosol Delivery System with LC PLUS

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slider-vios-pro.jpgThe newest addition to the PARI line, the Vios PRO Compressor System with LC Plus is a more durable and more powerful piston-pump compressor that has the highest pressure output of any PARI system.

Our top choice for patients who use their nebulizer systems every day, this is a great new option for those with chronic pulmonary disorders such as cystic fibrosis, COPD or severe asthma as it has a heavier duty motor than the original Vios device.

Designed to integrate perfectly with the entire PARI line, the PARI Vios PRO works with any PARI LC nebulizer and a wide range of mask and filter accessories. When used with the included LC Plus handset, the PARI Vios PRO has an average treatment time of only 6-7 minutes per 2.5 mL of medication.

Included with the PARI Vios PRO Nebulizer Compressor System are 2 LC Plus nebulizers, 1 Vios PRO Tubing, 1 Timestrip to remind you when to replace your nebulizer handset (every 6 months), and instructions for use.


46 PSI Compressor System (the strongest air compression of any PARI system) for frequent users

Motor designed for frequent and heavy usage - especially good for patients with COPD or cystic fibrois

Includes compressor system, two LC Plus Nebulizer Cups, new stronger Vios PRO tubing, and instructions for use

SKU 312F83-LC+
Manufacturer PARI
Manufacturer's Part Number 312F83-LC+
Old Part Numbers N/A
Prescription Required? Yes
HCPCS Billing Code A7005, E0570
Maximum Pressure 46 PSI
Maximum Compressor Flow 10 LPM
Power Supply AC Plug
Average Treatment Time 6-7 minutes
Particle Size 3.8 microns
Dimensions (length x width x height) 5.75" x 7.5" x 5.5"
Warranty 5 years (6 years with user activation)
What's Included Vios PRO Compressor, two LC Plus reusable nebulizers, Timestrip, Vios PRO tubing and user instructions
Accessories Available Tubing for the Vios PRO, LC Plus Nebulizer for Vios PRO, and LC Sprint Nebulizer for Vios PRO
Color Blue



PARI LC PLUS® Reusable Nebulizer and Backup Reusable Nebulizer

Vios® PRO Compressor


Vios® PRO Tubing

Vios PRO Aerosol Delivery System with LC PLUS