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Does Your CPAP Device Have These Must-Have Features?

Does Your CPAP Device Have These Must-Have Features?

CPAP devices have come a long way over the years, with increasingly advanced features allowing for more comfortable and effective treatment than ever before.

Such improvements can be a major boon for anyone who tried CPAP therapy in the past and couldn’t adapt to using a machine, as well as those who were recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and are new to the idea of using a CPAP machine.

So which features can make the biggest difference for your therapy needs? Here is a closer look at some of the most helpful features that you can find in today’s CPAP devices.


CPAP with humidfier

A dry or sore throat is a relatively common complaint among CPAP users. This is because the continuous flow of pressurized air can dry out the throat and mouth. Because the CPAP machine draws in air from the room using its fan system, the air that is delivered via your mask will naturally be cooler and dryer. This dry air also increases your likelihood of getting a stuffy or runny nose.

To counteract this problem, many CPAP machines now include a heated humidifier — or at the very least, allow for a humidifier attachment to be connected to the device. The humidifier increases the moisture content in the air delivered by the CPAP machine. This can help the air feel less “harsh,” allowing for more comfortable breathing while also reducing the risk of drying out your airways.


Depending on your prescribed air pressure setting, the flow of pressurized air can feel somewhat uncomfortable when you first turn on your CPAP machine. The abrupt shift from no pressurized air to the full force of your prescribed CPAP setting can be quite the contrast!

For some people, this can cause discomfort that makes it hard to fall asleep. Because of this, most modern CPAP devices now incorporate ramping elements. Ramping is a process in which your CPAP machine initially delivers air at a much lower pressure when you turn it on. The air pressure will gradually increase over time until it reaches your prescribed setting. Some machines use a timed ramping feature, while others can actually detect sleep onset and switch to your prescribed setting at that point.

Auto Start/Stop

CPAP machine

Automation can make so many parts of daily living that much easier — including the way you use your CPAP machine. Auto start/stop functionality eliminates the need to fiddle with your machine before bed or when you wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

CPAP machines with auto start/stop features will begin running after you put on your mask and breathe into it. When you take off your mask, the machine will stop a few seconds later. This will greatly simplify your nighttime routine and ensure you don’t accidentally push the wrong buttons in the middle of the night.

Expiratory Relief Systems

A continuous flow of pressurized air may be helpful for staving off sleep apnea — but some CPAP users find that it can also make exhalation somewhat uncomfortable. Because of this, many CPAP machines now use expiratory relief systems, which monitor your breathing patterns so the machine can slightly reduce air pressure when you exhale.

While this slight reduction in pressure is more than enough for many users, others may still find the air pressure delivery to be too great for comfortable exhalation. If this is the case for you, you would likely benefit from switching to a BiPAP machine or even an auto-adjusting CPAP machine, which allow for greater variation in air pressure delivery during the night. Check with your medical provider, who will fill out a prescription for a BiPAP device.

Smart Tracking

CPAP chip

Just about everything in our lives can be connected to our smart devices these days, and your CPAP machine is no exception. Rather than simply recording your sleep data on a chip that is sent to your doctor, CPAP machines can now link up with your smartphone or computer, transmitting data via Bluetooth.

This connectivity helps you track your use of your CPAP machine and see its impact on your overall sleep quality. This tracking can help you see how many hours you slept during the night with your CPAP mask on, which can make it easier for you and your doctor to identify any issues with your CPAP therapy. Seeing the positive results from your sleep apnea treatment can also serve as a helpful motivating factor to stick with your therapy so you can continue to enjoy even better sleep.

Find the Right CPAP Machine at Help Medical Supplies

A CPAP machine with comfort and performance-enhancing features will go a long way in helping you adjust to sleep apnea therapy, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep so you can better enjoy your day to day routine.

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Combined with free shipping on orders over $89, and available financing on many products (including interest-free financing), and we are well-equipped to help you get the equipment you need. Place your order with a valid prescription today, and you’ll find that a good night’s sleep is soon to be yours.


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