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Get Your COVID-19 Supplies From Help Medical!

Get Your COVID-19 Supplies From Help Medical!

When news of the COVID-19 outbreak first surfaced, few thought that it would have such a far-reaching or long-lasting effect. Yet months later, many states are still requiring that businesses such as bars and movie theaters remain closed in an attempt to stop the spread. Even with these efforts, some states are reporting greater surges in the number of new cases.

The potentially devastating impact of COVID-19, especially on older individuals and those with underlying health problems, has left many nervous about doing their normal everyday activities. Even something as simple as going to the grocery store now has to be reassessed in light of the potential risk.

Thankfully, researchers have found that the use of certain items — in combination with following social distancing guidelines — can help protect individuals from COVID-19. The right supplies will protect you and others.

While this equipment is currently hard to find at grocery stores and other retailers, you can find much of what you need right here at Help Medical Supplies.

Respiratory Masks

respiratory masksWearing masks has been identified as an important method for preventing the spread. If you have COVID-19 and are asymptomatic, the simple act of wearing a mask while in public will keep you from spreading the disease to vulnerable individuals you might come in contact with.

As Nina Bai writes for UC San Francisco, “ An experiment using high-speed video found that hundreds of droplets ranging from 20 to 500 micrometers were generated when saying a simple phrase, but that nearly all these droplets were blocked when the mouth was covered by a damp washcloth. Another study of people who had influenza or the common cold found that wearing a surgical mask significantly reduced the amount of these respiratory viruses emitted in droplets and aerosols.”

Even a cloth mask can help keep you from spreading COVID-19 to others. Of course, to enjoy additional protection for yourself, many people prefer to wear N95 masks. These masks are rated to filter out at least 95 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger, and are often used in medical or industrial settings.

At Help Medical Supplies, we offer several varieties of respiratory masks, including N95 Respirator Masks, N95 Particulate Respirator Masks, Disposable Medical Respirators, and KN95 Disposable Respirators. Wear a mask to protect yourself and others, and to have peace of mind when out and about.

Hand Sanitizers & Antibacterial Soap

father and daughter washing handsWashing your hands on a regular basis is a key part of reducing the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases. Most of us should probably be washing our hands more often than we actually do. You should wash hands before eating a meal, when caring for someone that is sick, after using the bathroom, after blowing your nose, or coughing or sneezing — just to name a few.

The CDC recommends that you wash your hands under running water for at least 20 seconds, completely lathering your hands with soap. Unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for antibacterial soaps, which are believed to be more effective at killing bacteria and germs.

Help Medical Supplies has you covered with antibacterial soaps from McKesson and Dial. Several sizes and soap options are available, including liquid soaps and foaming hand soaps with pump handles.

Of course, when you are out and about, you aren’t going to be able to use hand soap. For these situations, the CDC recommends using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. These hand sanitizers should be at least 60 percent alcohol. Help Medical Supplies sells Nexderma Defense Ag Hand Sanitizer, a professional-grade hand sanitizer that is 75 percent alcohol.

Keep in mind that hand sanitizer isn’t going to be as effective if your hands are greasy or extremely dirty. A thorough washing with soap and water is going to be your best bet for eliminating bacteria.


gloved hands making heartCOVID-19 is also believed to spread through contaminated surfaces. For example, someone infected with the virus could touch a door handle when entering a building. Unless the surface is sanitized, anyone who touched the door handle afterwards has the potential of getting infected. This can be quite difficult to control in public areas.

As a result, many people feel more comfortable wearing gloves when going to the grocery store or running other errands. At Help Medical Supplies, we sell boxes of McKesson Nitrile Exam Gloves Fentanyl Protection that can be worn while out and about.

Of course, gloves will pick up any germs or bacteria present on contaminated surfaces. After using gloves while out of the house, dispose of them in a sealed plastic bag and clean your hands with antibacterial soap to further reduce your risk.

Stocking Up to Stay Safe

Whether you need to stock up on masks and hand sanitizer, or the time has come to purchase new CPAP equipment, Help Medical Supplies has you covered. We offer many products at discounted prices off MSRP, and free shipping is available on all orders over $89. If you want to save even more on your COVID-19 supplies, consider buying our N95 Personal Protection Kit, which includes a box of N95 particulate respirators, a box of vinyl gloves, and a 16 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are shipping out online purchases in the order that they are received. FedEx and UPS are not guaranteeing overnight delivery, but we are working as quickly as possible to ensure that your order can get to you in a timely manner.


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