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How Monthly Financing Can Help You Get Your Next CPAP

How Monthly Financing Can Help You Get Your Next CPAP

If you're in desperate need of a CPAP, or any other medical equipment, it is hard to come up with all the money on the spot - especially if your insurance doesn't cover it. Fortunately for our customers, we do offer financing which can really help out others and also give peace of mind. But just how can you set up these monthly payments and what do you need to know about the process and outcome?  Read below and learn how you can shop wisely.


Know The Options Available

There are three options available for users to choose from on our sites. While they all offer similar benefits and promise no interest if items are paid for in full during a respective time limit, they have their own distinct advantages. For example, CareCredit is a faster process with less hoops to jump from. Users can be approved in under an hour and be able to process their payment for their new equipment in no time. There is less paperwork and they have one of the lowest interest rates to boot!

Call Us For Advice

Our highly trained staff is always on call and ready to listen to your problems and provide a solution. We are caring and understanding of everyone's situations and believe a good night's sleep and any medical need should be met! Be sure to call us with any questions or concerns you have about the machines or which credit plan we recommend.

Take Your Time When Applying

Don't rush into a commitment - take your time to read through which health plan is most beneficial for you. Since it can be a time consuming process to begin with, it is better to walk through the process carefully. You do not want to end up with interest on your hands. 

Balance Your Budget 

Be sure you afford  your equipment - even if you're paying it off 6 months or a year later! Even if the payments and finances are small throughout the months, it can sneak up on you if you forget about your payments. Do the wise thing and budget your money: think about how much you saved up and were willing to spend before you found a good deal. Calculate the overall time-plan payment total and see if you would have the amount of money saved by the time limit. We cannot stress enough that nobody wants interest on their hands!


Start Paying Your Monthly Payments!

Now that you are prepared to sign up and choose the right repayment finance plan for you, you are ready to start making your first payments! Anything can happen in life, so be sure that you gave yourself a respectable (and comfortable) amount of time to pay back your credit. 


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