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What You Should Consider When Choosing a CPAP Battery

What You Should Consider When Choosing a CPAP Battery

Your CPAP machine offers a steady flow of pressurized air that mitigates sleep apnea and helps you sleep soundly through the night. But to achieve this, it also requires a source of power. When using your device at home, this isn’t a problem — just plug it into the wall and go to sleep!

But when you’re traveling or camping, powering your CPAP machine can get a lot trickier. Fortunately, a wide range of CPAP batteries — and even portable CPAP devices with their own internal batteries — help ensure that traveling doesn’t have to disrupt your sleep routine. A battery can also power your device at home in case of a blackout.

Here’s what you should know about choosing a CPAP battery to accommodate your travel needs.

Key Factors to Consider For CPAP Batteries

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Most modern CPAP batteries are lithium-ion — similar to the batteries used for other modern electronic devices. They are lightweight and charge quickly, making them easy to use for your travels.

That being said, there are some key factors that can differ one battery from another. Battery capacity is one of the biggest factors to consider — after all, the higher the capacity, the longer the battery will last. Batteries with very high capacity can often be used for several nights before they need to be charged. Of course, this also necessitates the battery being larger and more expensive.

A battery’s charging time and run time will depend on its milliamps per hour or watts per hour capacity. While manufacturers will offer a general “range” for how long a battery should run, various usage factors can affect the battery life. For example, using a humidifier or a higher pressure setting mean you will have less run time. Many batteries (and CPAP machines, for that matter) are less effective at high elevations or in extremely cold temperatures.

You should also pay close attention to compatibility specifications. Not all batteries are compatible with every CPAP machine. As such, you should carefully check the battery’s compatibility before buying — otherwise, it won’t do your device any good!

Finally, because CPAP batteries generally aren’t covered by insurance, a good warranty is a must. Most quality CPAP batteries come with one-year warranties that cover manufacturing defects.

Top CPAP Battery Options

So, which CPAP battery options are your best bet? Here are a few of the best options that you can find through Help Medical Supplies:

The Freedom V2 CPAP Battery is one of the most popular CPAP batteries available today. This battery can actually be permanently connected to a CPAP machine, ensuring that you always have a reliable supply of power, even in the event of an at-home power outage. A bridge cable set lets users easily join two Freedom V2 batteries together, doubling its capacity. A single battery can offer one to three nights of power, while a double battery set can offer three to six nights. It can also withstand a wide range of conditions, operating in temperatures ranging from 23 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. A model designed specifically for use with the ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP is also available.

The Zopec Medical Voyage SMART CPAP Battery doesn’t just power your CPAP device. In addition to CPAP compatible USB-A ports, this battery also includes USB-C outlets so you can charge your other electronic devices on your trip. This is designed to be a universally compatible device — no need for converters or adapters. It also comes with a travel bag, making it easier to store and transport.

The Portable Outlet CPAP Battery By Sunset Healthcare is another straightforward, plug in and use CPAP battery that offers over 500 charge cycles and recharges in less than four hours. With two USB ports and a three-prong AC outlet, this battery can also be used for other devices — and can be used to simultaneously charge multiple devices. Depending on the device manufacturer and CPAP settings, this battery offers six to 14 hours of run time. A convenient travel bag and LED power indicator meter further enhance the convenience of this device.

For those who are really planning to get off the grid, the Portable CPAP Battery & Solar Charger is an exciting option. The solar cell charger is designed to recharge the Portable Outlet CPAP battery after three to four hours of exposure to direct sunlight. The Sunpower Gen III Solar Cells can even produce a continuous yield of power on overcast days. Carabiners, D-Clips, a 6-foot charging cable, and a lightweight storage pouch make this rugged charging solution easy to pack for any wilderness adventure.

Get the Quality Equipment You Need From Help Medical Supplies

With a quality CPAP battery, you don’t have to miss out on camping or other favorite travel experiences. You can enjoy a reliable source of power that will keep your CPAP machine working like it should through the night.

Of course, the cost of CPAP batteries — and a CPAP machine itself — can become a financial burden for many, particularly those without quality health insurance. This is where Help Medical Supplies can make a difference. We don’t just offer batteries and devices from top-quality brands. Many of these products are available at significant discounts off of MSRP. Financing is also available on purchases of $500 or more, and free shipping on all orders $89 and up help to make your purchase more manageable.

With a quality CPAP machine and battery, you can enjoy quality sleep no matter where your travels take you.


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