16SOFT High Flow Nasal Oxygen Cannula with 7' Tubing by Salter Labs

by Salter Labs
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16SOFT Nasal Oxygen Cannulas, Manufactured by Salter Labs, is designed to be soft and comfortable for long-term oxygen therapy patients. Crafted for the highest functionality, these cannulas are gentle against the skin. They are also ergonomically designed to fit the individual contours of your face, making them as comfortable as possible and avoid tangling or getting caught on things.

Dealing with a nasal oxygen cannula can be a major hassle and discomfort. The 16SOFT tubing reduces the hassle and increases the comfort. This cannula is stretchable to reduce tension and pressure on ears. The lightweight plastic material is non-irritating and will stay in place through the night. With multiple lengths and tube airflow capacity, Salter Labs has a comfortable oxygen cannula for oxygen therapy to best suit your situation.

  • Soft, Stretchable Tubing
  • Reduced Pressure on the Ears and Face
  • Feels Light and Soft to the Touch
  • Resists Twisting and Tangling
  • Non-DEHP Throughout Cannula and Tubing
  • Comfortable Oxygen Cannula Maximizes Wearability for Long-Term Use