AirSep FreeStyle 3 & 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Backpack Harness

by AirSep

The AirSep FreeStyle backpack harness provides extra mobility and an easier method of transporting your oxygen portable concentrator. The AirSep FreeStyle harness features comfortable padded back and padded adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt that can fit users of any size, and is designed to provide extra ventilation. 

The AirSep Freestyle Backpack Harness attaches to the carrying case for the Freestyle 3 and the Freestyle 5.

This backpack harness is an excellent accessory for oxygen patients who are often on-the-go.

The AirSep Freestyle Backpack Harness is machine washable!

DIRECTIONS: To use the Backpack Harness, slide the two loops on the top of your FreeStyle's Carry Bag over the large clip on the top of the harness and clip it together firmly; then attach the velcro strip on the bottom of the backpack harness to the velcro strip on the base of your FreeStyle's Carry Bag. Your FreeStyle will now be held securely in place as you wear the Backpack Harness.

NOTE: The Backpack Harness does NOT include the FreeStyle Carry Bag as shown. The FreeStyle Carry Bag comes standard with all FreeStyle oxygen concentrators.