AirSep Freestyle Universal Power Supply

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The AirSep Freestyle Universal Power Supply is a complete kit which includes everything needed to operate and recharge the FreeStyle on either AC or DC power. Whether you are driving to the grocery store, while on a flight or just relaxing on a friends patio, it will keep your Freestyle powered.

The power supply allows you to operate the Freestyle while the internal battery is charging and it will replace the two separate AC and DC power supplies that were originally packaged with the FreeStyle unit.

Product Features Powers Freestyle unit on AC or DC power
Dimensions Power Supply: 5" Wide x 3" Long x 1" High
Outlet Cord: 4 feet
AC Power Cord: 6 feet
DC Power Cord: 6 feet
Product Weight 3 pounds
Warranty 90 Day Warranty
Battery Charging Time Freestyle battery will recharge to 100% from fully depleted in about 3.5 hours
FAA Approved No
Manufacturer Airsep
Power Input #1: 100 -240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.75A Max
Input #2: 11-16VDC, 8.0A Max
Output: 15VDC, 65W, 4.33A

AirSep Freestyle Universal Power Supply