Baby Mask - Size 2 with PARI LC Plus Reusable Nebulizer

by Pari
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PARI Baby™ Size 2 aerosol mask for 1-3 Years with PARI LC® Plus Reusable Nebulizer.

PARI BABY™ masks are designed specifically for the low inspiratory flow rate and small tidal volumes of babies and young children.

Compatible with all PARI reusable nebulizers, the PARI Baby™ mask and rotating elbow offer efficient aerosol delivery in almost any position.

Contents PARI Baby™ Mask size 2 and PARI LC® Plus Reusable Nebulizer
NDC No. 83490-0220-38
HCPCS No. A7005
Total Output Rate No
% RF No
Average Treatment Time No