ResMed Swift FX Dual-Wall Pillow Cushion Sleeve

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Replacement Pillows
Like with any mask eventually, you'll need to replace the pillows in your Swift FX mask. When you do, don't just buy a new mask: pillow replacements are affordable and they'll fit in your mask just like the old ones.

Swift FX
The Swift FX Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask is a premier CPAP mask. The mask is quiet, lightweight, and travel-friendly. The nasal pillows have dual-walled flows that are both flexible and supportive. The outer wall snugly fits your face while the headgear's straps are designed to accommodate tossing and turning.

Key Features
  • Comfortable Pillows
  • Replacements Attach Easily

ResMed Swift FX Dual-Wall Pillow Cushion Sleeve